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We offer many different facial services, for all skin types. All of our facials are customized based on your skin’s needs. You also have option to choose a shorter facial for that instant gratification, or a longer facial for the full relaxing and rejuvenating experience. We will work with you to get going with the best facial for YOU, no need to decide between 10 different versions, Gentleman’s facial, anti-aging facial, cleansing facial, re-vitalizing facial, and all the rest will be determined at your appointment, with our GlymedPlus clinical products discerned and applied by our professionals to get you the results you’re looking for. We even offer back facials, for the same refreshing treatments applied to your back.

For most people, a monthly facial is best at least once a month. Why are facials needed monthly? The basic reason is that the outer-most layer of your skin, i.e. the stratum corneum, renews itself around every 28 days. That is, during that time, your skin cells are all completely replaced. A facial will help jump-start your skin’s cell replication process, giving you healthier skin with a better complexion.

Additionally, clinical skin products, like the GlyMedPlus Professional product line used at Mist Day Spa, can take up to six to eight weeks to begin really treating active skin cells, and again a facial jump starts this process. Of course, during the month continuing a complete skincare regimen will contribute to healthier skin by continuously treating it.

Advanced Skin Care

Mist Day Spa offers a wide-range of advanced skin care services in addition to facials. This is where you can take your skin care to the next level. Services offered include: microdermabrasion, hydrodermabrasion, dermalhydration, three levels of chemical peels, and microneedling.

If you’re looking for a dramatic “lift” to your appearance without expensive surgery, these advanced treatments could be the secret yo getting that youthful look. These treatments are especially helpful for reduction or removal of blotchy patches, removing the appearance of sun damage, acne management, lightening of the skin, smoother skin, age spot removal, improved collagen growth, and overall better skin quality.

Make sure to note, you’re not going into this process blind. Our licensed Master Estheticians will help you along every step of the way to put together a regimen for spa treatments as well as home care treatments between appointments so you can get your skin healthy, and keep it that way.

Body Contouring

Body contouring, or body sculpting, is a non-invasive procedure that aims to reshape an area of the body. It involves procedures such as Laser lipolysis which uses lasers to destroy fat cells, and Radiofrequency lipolysis which uses ultrasound waves and heat to target fat cells. These procedures can get rid of extra skin, eliminate excess fat, and reshape or contour the area, with no down-time at all.

Body contouring does not usually help you lose weight. Instead, it helps shape the body and addresses specific areas where weight loss isn’t effective. It’s also effective in tightening extra skin after significant weight loss.

Body contouring can target most areas of the body. Common sites include: belly and flanks (love handles), buttocks, thighs, arms, back, neck, and chin. More than one treatment is typically needed depending on desired results.


Waxing & Tinting

Mist Day Spa offers a number of waxing and tinting services.

Face waxing services like brow waxes, lip waxing, chin waxing, nose waxes, all the way to brazillian waxing services are available for you to book.

Tinting services such as brow tints and lash tints are offered as well.

Packages & Add-ons

Looking to combine a few services together to get a full spa day experience? We have you covered with our Spa Day package, which includes a customized facial for your face and décolleté area in addition to a back facial treatment, foot scrub, and hand peel. Treat yourself or a loved one to the full Mist Day Spa experience.

In addition to the many skin care and lash services we offer, we can also add-on services like a foot-scrub or a hand-peel to your appointment.

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