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Welcome to Mist Day Spa

Skin Care Dedication. Long lasting happy and healthy skin care takes dedication. Dedication on the part of us to provide the best spa services for our clients, and to work with them to get the most out of their experience. It also takes the dedication of our clients, a healthy at-home regemen in addition to regular appointments with your Esthetician. Our goal is to be there with you through your journey to great skin.

All skin care services at Mist Day Spa use GlyMed Plus professional skincare products and protocols. GlyMed Plus products are developed and produced using cruelty-free methods. GlyMed Plus Regenerative formulas are void of harmful, harsh, and counterfeit ingredients, chemicals, and animal by-products and testing. Its products are also vegan-approved and environmentally conscious. Additionally, GlyMed Plus was founded and has its headquarters right here in Utah. Support local business and your local community, we hope to see you at your next appointment soon!

Our Esthetician

Amanda Barbour

Amanda Barbour

Owner, Master Esthetician

Mist Day Spa was built from a dream Amanda had of a spa that provided not only extraordinary services but also provided a serine, blissful experience. Amanda worked behind a desk in management roles for many years before making a pivotal decision that her life needed a big shift – after visiting a spa for some much needed stress relief, she had a vision that one day she too could provide the same sacred pause to others, but with enhanced focus on communication. She attended SkinWorks School for Skincare and received her Master Esthetician license in 2015. She then worked in a couple of new spas before deciding in 2016 that it was finally time to bring that dream into fruition.

Amanda not only enjoys what she does, but she wholeheartedly believes in the power of healthy skin. The best part of her day is the connections she makes with her clients. She knows that radiant skin is a commitment made by both client and Esthetician, and that education is the key. Amanda makes an effort with each client to communicate clearly the process, product ingredients, and expectations of every single treatment.

Amanda specializes in chemical peels and all things skin care related.

Our Body Sculptor

Kimberly Mitchell

Kimberly Mitchell

Licensed Body Sculptor

Kim is starting her career in body contouring after completing her education in December 2021 with her mentor Felicia Gomez. Already she is changing lives with her work on helping people reach their goals. Kim is a mother of four children and enjoys biking and hiking in her spare time. After having four children, maintaining a healthy lifestyle has assisted her in keeping in shape. Radio frequency cavitation has given her the extra help that she has needed to maintain the body style she wants. Now she wants to share this amazing process with others.

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Skin Care Dedication