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Skin Care Services

Spa Collective

Mist Day Spa is a collective of independent Spa Professionals. Rooms are rented out to Estheticians and Massage Therapists.

Our Spa Professionals offer: Skin Care Services (think: Facials and Chemical Peels), Eyelash Services (from Lash Extensions to Lash Tinting), Massage Services, and more!

Appointments are booked separately with your Esthetician or Massage Therapist of choice.

Amanda Barbour, Master Esthetician

Spa Owner & Master Esthetician

Skin Care Services:  Facials & Chemical Peels

Waxing Services: Face Waxing

Location: SLC, Room #1


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Benefits of Facials

For most people, a monthly facial is best at least once a month. Exceptions exist for people working on bettering skin ailments, for example, acne or hyper-pigmentation, where a series of treatments monthly is ideal.

Why are facials needed monthly? The basic reason is that the outer-most layer of your skin, i.e. the stratum corneum, renews itself around every 28 days. That is, during that time, your skin cells are all completely replaced. A facial will help jump-start your skin cells’ replication process, giving you healthier skin with a better complexion.

Additionally, clinical skin products, like Lira Clinical used at Mist Day Spa, can take up to six to eight weeks to begin really treating active skin cells, and again a facial jump starts this process. Of course, during the month continuing a complete skincare regimen will contribute to healthier skin by continuously treating it.

Top 10 Reasons to Get Regular Facials

  1. Facials are relaxing! The feeling of being touched on your face affects you deep down into the soul through the connection with another human being. Moreover, through proper technique, some basic massage, and professional clinical products, you’re receiving both skin healing and relaxation. You’ve got that cake, and you’re eating it too.
  2. Increased blood circulation underneath your skin helps with the renewal process of skin cells.
  3. Facials, and the clinical products used for them, decrease under-the-skin waste that usually takes the form of puffiness, ruddiness, and fluid accumulation. Facials aid in detoxification by clearing up the lymphatic system that is found under your skin.
  4. Collagen production and smoothing of fine lines in the skin can be worked on through the facial massage techniques, helping to prevent wrinkles, aging, and sagging skin.
  5. Facials provide a deeper cleanse of the pores than just washing the skin or even using regular household products. Through extractions and pore clearing, you can begin to maintain clearer skin, prevent acne formation, plus change the size of your pores.
  6. The exfoliation aspect of facials are much more rigorous than what you can accomplish at home. Exfoliation will smooth your skin, allow for better penetration of products, clears out pores, helps your skin to retain hydration better, and evens out the tone of your skin.
  7. Learning a homecare regimen from a licensed esthetician is crucial to maintaining healthy skin between facials. Beyond being able to recommend good products for your skin type and complexion, by meeting with an esthetician you can learn what types of products will really work for you rather than over-spending on the broken promises provided by over the counter product advertisements.
  8. Skin tone evening and lightening of dark spots on your skin are some benefits that visibly help the appearance of your skin through regular facials. Remember that beyond facials and your homecare skin regimen, sunscreen is crucial to maintaining healthy skin and preventing dark spots – aim for at least an SPF 30 sunscreen.
  9. Facials help to slow your skin’s natural aging process. Facials will give you radiant, smooth, healthy skin by reducing fine lines, aging spots, and relieve dehydrating skin.
  10. Remember, homecare is vital to healthy skin. Facials provide you with the jumpstart to give your skin a good foundation to work from, but following recommendations from your licensed esthetician will provide you with overall great skin.